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The coronavirus pandemic forced business as we know it to change. And while there’s been a lot of talk about “when things get back to normal,” the world of business may never return to what it once was — and that could be great news. There are a lot of perks to having a remote team, even if you never considered it before.

If you’ve had to build a remote team due to COVID, or if you saw how well some remote teams can function and you want to build one yourself, here’s what you should…

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You know that consumers head over to Amazon when they want to find, research or buy products. And if you’re thinking that you want to be an Amazon seller and get a piece of the pie, you’re definitely not alone. But you will need some help. That’s where these 20 resources come in handy. Dive in so you can start selling.

1. Alibaba

If you’re on the hunt for a product manufacturer or supplier, you want to visit Alibaba. …

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Is Amazon Right For Your Business?

Amazon is an absolute leader in the e-commerce market. With so many people turning to Amazon when first searching for products — and with millions of Prime customers opting to order from Amazon so they can get free two-day shipping — smart companies ask if they should sell their products on the platform too. But the answer isn’t as obvious as you may think. Let’s explore both the benefits and the drawbacks of being an Amazon seller.

Getting Started is a Cinch…For Most Sellers

One of Amazon’s main benefits for brands is that it’s quick and easy to get started selling on the platform. However, certain categories…


For someone who’s had extensive experience in marketing — 15 years, to be exact — AdvertiseMint CEO Brian Meert didn’t always plan to be in marketing, much less become the chief executive officer of his Facebook advertising agency. How did Meert go from paperboy to Theology major to CEO of a growing business? We spoke with Meert himself about his journey.

Did you know early on that you wanted to pursue marketing?

To be honest, I didn’t think I would end up in marketing. In fact, I went to college to be a teacher, not a marketer and earned a…

The 4 Social Media Marketing Features and Trends Advertisers Should Pay Attention To in 2021

Last year changed the way we live in practically every way, and the world of business was certainly part of that shift. In 2021, there is an assortment of social media marketing features and trends that will help brands promote themselves and spread the word about their products and services. Here’s what to keep your eye on for the new and near future.

Facebook Shops for Small Businesses

The pandemic forced brick-and-mortar shops to close, causing both store owners and shoppers to head online. As an answer to the changing e-commerce landscape, Facebook Shops was launched. With this new feature, small businesses can create online…

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Tired of just scrolling through TikTok and ready to join the fun? Even if you know you want to start creating content and posting to the platform, you may not have any idea of where to start, especially if the videos you love the most seem a little too advanced for a beginner like you. Here are a few ways to ease into creating TikTok videos so you too can have a chance at viral fame.

First things first: You should know what type of content is generally posted to TikTok (and what kind of content won’t perform very well…

How to Write an Effective Product Description on Amazon

Amazon absolutely dominates the online retail segment, claiming 38.7% of U.S. retail eCommerce sales. Compare that to the runner-up, Walmart, which takes just 5.3% of the market. It’s undeniable: Amazon is the absolute leader when it comes to e-commerce.

As an Amazon seller, you’re competing with a ton of other sellers, and you’re up against a huge inventory of similar products. To get yours in front of potential customers, you have to know how to craft Amazon descriptions.

In this article, we’ll cover the top three ways to make your Amazon listings stand out from the crowd.

Make It Highly Searchable

SEO optimization is…

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There isn’t a business out there today that won’t benefit from having a social media presence. If you plan to use social media for advertising, choosing the right platform — the one with a concentration of your target audience — is critical. Aside from that, though, being present on social media means having profiles that support and lead to your website, expanding your SEO reach, and creating a community of people who support your business. In this article, we’re going to explain how to find the right social media platform for your brand.

Get to Know Your Brand

Before you can choose the best social…

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How to Maintain a Work/Life Balance While Working From Home

When you work from home, either because you’re self-employed or your job has you in a remote workspace, it’s integral to separate your work life from your personal life. Finding ways to do that and creating routines to keep your life segmented takes time, though, and you may struggle with it at first — and even as the months and years go on. Luckily, there are a number of methods to try out so that you can pack up work for the day and resume your normal personal life when it’s time.

Designate a Workspace

If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated…

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When negative reviews are posted on social media, the entire world can potentially see them. Bad word of mouth can travel fast, and it can heavily impact the perception that people have of your business — and there’s really nothing you can do to stop someone from posting something negative about your business. However, you can address negative reviews in the right way to take back control of your reputation. Let’s talk about how.

Respond Fast

The longer you let a negative review sit there and go ignored, the worse it will be for your brand. Also, people who leave negative reviews…

Brian Meert

CEO of AdvertiseMint, a Facebook Advertising Agency www.advertisemint.com/ Author of The Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising https://rb.gy/gzwkst

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