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When your freelancer profile on Upwork is optimized, you’re bound to come up in more searches by clients looking for exactly what you offer. The more invites to jobs you get, the more discerning you can be about the work you take on and, of course, the more money you’ll earn. It’s always more lucrative for freelancers to have work opportunities come to them than to go out there and search. In this article, we’ll go over the best ways to optimize your Upwork profile so you can work smarter, not harder.

Spend Extra Time Writing Your Profile Title

Your Upwork profile title plays two big roles:

  1. It’s part of the SEO that will influence which search results your profile appears in. …

Write a book about your business and turn it into an additional income stream

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Writing a book was never part of my career trajectory, but becoming one has changed my business forever.

I decided to write my book The Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising (now a best-selling title for Facebook advertising on Amazon) because I had gained a lot of knowledge and experience from the past 6 years of managing Facebook ads and my agency, AdvertiseMint. Writing a book had done more than I had imagined. It not only added an additional revenue stream to my business, but it also allowed me to grow my client base and public presence. …

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At first, working from home can sound like a dream. You can skip the commute, work in pajamas and take a break whenever you want to. In reality, though, working from home requires a lot of motivation and discipline, and some remote workers struggle with the lack of separation between work and life. Add in a spouse who’s also working from home, children who need all-day-long entertainment, or even a comfy bed that you’re eyeing from your work desk — suddenly working from home isn’t as easy and breezy as it once seemed. When it’s necessary to transition your employees from traditional to remote work, though, what can you do to make the process smoother? …

And learn how to succeed from failure

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Fresh out of MBA school, I took an internship in the entertainment industry. Three years later, I sold a business I had started in my spare time. The feeling was amazing, and I felt invincible. I quickly started an online marketplace, thinking I was indestructible. There was a huge opportunity, and I put my heart, soul, and bank account behind it. I worked full time plus nights and weekends for almost three years.

Yet, the business didn’t take off.

I had users and traffic, but revenue was just never enough to grow. I tried raising capital but quickly realized that was a full-time job. …

Everyone has something valuable to say

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When you’re building a startup, having additional streams of income can be a lifesaver. In late 2014, I left my full-time job to begin AdvertiseMint, a Facebook advertising agency. I was working 10 to 12 hours a day with my team, setting up campaigns, optimizing ad creatives, and ensuring clients were getting results well beyond their competitors.

Most entrepreneurs believe in having multiple streams of income. It was important to me, too, so I decided to pursue other means of earning money. …

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After watching the virus spread across the nation and the government mandate to shut down non-essential businesses, I was forced to close the office at our Facebook Advertisemint agency in Hollywood and work from home while bringing up an attentive newborn baby girl. I thought it would be a struggle but it turned out to be one of the best experiences of our lives.

1. Have Gratitude

Every day, my wife and I will sit and talk about 10 things we are grateful for, trying not to mention things we’ve already said in the past. This helps us stop for a minute and identify the good things that are happening in life during these storms. This includes good health, a home, food, parents, electricity, warm showers, and the list goes on and on. …


Brian Meert

CEO of AdvertiseMint, a Facebook Advertising Agency Author of The Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising

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