Everything You Think You Know About Influencer Marketing is Wrong

Photo by Amelia Bartlett on Unsplash

Think you can continue to avoid influencer marketing? Think again! The Influencer Marketing Benchmark Report 2021, carried out by Influencer Marketing Hub by surveying over 5,000 relevant brands and professionals, found that the industry is projected to grow to nearly $14 billion this year. That means that your competitors are likely using it — or will be.

Once you have a more realistic understanding of influencer marketing, you can effectively add it to your overall marketing strategy — without expecting the impossible. In this article, we’re going to set some common misconceptions straight. Let’s get started!

You May Not Recognize the Influencer

Celebrity Does Not an Influencer Make

The Influencer May Not Even Be a Person

Influencer Marketing Happens Away From Social Media, Too

Those alternatives are semi-untapped, too, which means there’s less competition and more of an opportunity for your campaigns to stand out. Sixty-seven percent of respondents to the Benchmark Report use Instagram for their influencer marketing. On the one hand, that makes Instagram an excellent place to run campaigns. On the other hand, it means that Instagram is getting overrun with competing influencer campaigns.

A Huge Following Doesn’t Mean the Influencer is Successful

Some Influencers Don’t Need Financial Compensation

If you can’t give away a super-expensive product for free, even with an influencer campaign as a trade-off, try to give the influencer a steep discount, especially if you’re not giving them any type of financial payment in addition to the product.

Practically Every Niche Can Run Influencer Marketing Campaigns

For example, car brands do well on YouTube because of the video-centric nature of the platform (car companies tend to have fantastic commercials). And education-focused brands can partner with scholarly Instagram accounts, like National Geographic. If you can’t find a direct link between your niche and an influencer, think about other topics your audience is interested in. For example, a mattress brand doesn’t have to find a mattress influencer — instead, they can partner with a home décor influencer.

It’s Not As Hard As You Think To Measure Success

Wrapping Up

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